Faces of Me

Faces of Me

What I say is.....

Jika denyut nadi kita sama, bicara di hati juga serupa. Itu satu tanda pasti, kita mungkin serasi...:)

Bersyukur di atas setiap kejadian yang dicipta Allah...

Bersyukur di atas setiap kejadian yang dicipta Allah...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Uptrend2u - New Way of Making Money and Be Rich

I would like to share some information about Uptrend2u.com. I am sharing this with you because I believe with our initiative, teamwork and hard work doing this business, we can achieve success and all we have dream of all this time will become a reality. I hope you will continue reading the rest of my article below and hopefully it will shine your future by doing the right decision.

First of all, the most important thing you should know, Uptrend2u is legal and it is listed in the Ministry Of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Malaysia. You may click on the link and refer to No. 258 of the listings.

So….How do I start? As simple as A, B, C, D

A - Ahli (Register as member and select the GBE package of your choice Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum). Check on the potential income for each package here.

B - Beli (When you register, you will be automatically buying the products. Meaning to say, when you register you are also paying for the products)

C - Cari (Find or introduce a minimum of 2 people)

D - Duplikasi (Your down lines duplicate the process of A, B and C)

For every new member you introduced, you will earn RM38.00 each.
For every pair, you will earn RM57.00

Imagine you can earn as much as RM684 per day. Yet, you will earn more if added with bonuses offered such as Leadership bonus, Car Fund and more in Plan B. You will be amazed when you join us.

“You have nothing to lose, nothing to fear and there is no risk at all.”
Uptrend2u had appeared in many magazines and was broadcast in TV 1 and TV3 (Malaysia). Please refer to: http://www.youtube.com (Then type Uptrend2u in the search section). And more you can visit Uptrend2U website at:

The product are all of high quality especially Lumiglow for ladies to look beautiful and young (has been proven) and Exsotika coffee (for man) BUT in Uptrend2u we don't sell products and we don't do marketing. If there is buyer, you will get bonus in PLAN B (Monthly bonus). Below are some of the products:

Omega Plus
VPP Manager
Ui2U / LGP

You can see the testimonial from those who have used our products here.

So if you are ready to join us, click on our online registration link above. You will be re-route to the http://www.goldpower2u.com where you can securely register yourself as an Uptrend2u member. You will need a Stockist Code, Introducer ID and Placement ID for your registration. Please SMS me at +60123741103 and i will provide you the details.

Should you need more information on Uptrend2U, don't hesitate to email or call me at +60123741103 (Shida) or shida.sham@hotmail.com. Or you can browse my website at http://shidasham.ui2u.com. I will be glad to assist you. Please distribute this email to all your friends and family. “Time is important, make the right decision by joining us in Uptrend.”
“You will not regret what you have done, but you will regret for not doing what is best for you.”