Faces of Me

Faces of Me

What I say is.....

Jika denyut nadi kita sama, bicara di hati juga serupa. Itu satu tanda pasti, kita mungkin serasi...:)

Bersyukur di atas setiap kejadian yang dicipta Allah...

Bersyukur di atas setiap kejadian yang dicipta Allah...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Food for thought 2

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When we drop all pretences and
show that we accept ourselves…

When we are no longer afraid to
show how much we fall short of

When we patiently await our own turn
to bloom and show off what we are…

Where we have the courage to rise and
hopefully renew our efforts to re-build
what “man-made calamites” have

When we can accept others as they are…
when we see good even behind a
thorny facade….

When we can view life from both
sides…tolerating the sight of an ugly
half-eaten leaf because it helped bring
forth the beautiful rose….

When we can forget ourselves in
serving others…

When we no longer show how bad we
feel when others – even our own
brothers and sisters – are preferred to

When we can laugh at ourselves

When we can truly love all
Irrespective of colour, creed or race…


Food for thought 1

Bless with what we have. God created us the way He wants. Doesn’t matter what we looks like, what color is our skin, what race are we from as long as we are human being we are all just the same.

Don’t ever feel ungrateful if we are not clever enough, not good enough, not rich enough, not capable enough because there are so many others out there whom are less fortunate then us but they try really hard to be at the same level as us whom are considered as capable and complete.

Believe me..God is not cruel to us..but we are the one whom are not grateful of what and who we are…

When there’s a will there’s always a way…watch this video and judge yourself whether you are bless of what you are or will you still mumbling that God is not fair to you..